Resolve All Of the Underlying Causes Of Brain Fog and Low Energy In 5 Simple Steps

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We here at the Regenerative Brain Institute take your brain health seriously, and therefore we consider all of the multiple layers and underlying factors that can lead to cognitive decline and declining brain performance.

We apply time-tested solutions and a Step-By-Step process that uncovers and treats the many aspects and multi-faceted nature of most modern illnesses and health conditions.

“Brain Health is Rooted in the Health of the Body”

By addressing the body and mind together as a whole, we can implement a step-by-step strategy into your life, which will help you achieve far greater outcomes, than by only focusing on only one part or underlying factor.

This “multi-systems analytical approach” has helped thousands of clients achieve amazing recoveries from their own struggles with brain fog, poor memory, low energy and early signs of dementia, before they get even worse as time goes on.

” There is no one single product, diet or protocol that can address all of a person’s health needs.”


What we offer is a custom-tailored approach to cognitive health issues, by addressing the ’12 Essentials’ which are the major underlying keys to having optimal brain health and cognitive longevity, through a 5-Step process called the  ‘ Brain And Body Recovery System™ ‘.

We will take you through the entire process of resetting your ANS autonomic nervous system, repairing your gut, revitalizing your adrenal glands, boosting your hormones, improving cellular regeneration, increasing cardiovascular health, helping you process your thoughts and emotional states and priming your cells’s metabolic pathways for optimal performance.

We must clean out your Liver, Brain, Colon and soft tissues of the many types of toxins, pathogens and immune triggers through a patented process of detoxification that allows your immune system to out of chronic inflammation, thus helping to reduce brain inflammation and cellular degeneration.



Learn the quickest and most powerful methods for reducing stress to repair your autonomic nervous system, and get back your mind and and body back from the ravages of chronic stress and fatigue.


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Optimal health requires endocrine hormonal balance. Receptors in the brain and entire nervous system cannot function without their hormonal counterpart. By addressing endocrine health, every cell and tissue in the body can recover.


Most modern diets are either too strict and lacking in nutrition or just plain full of poisonous chemicals and modified food ingredients. By getting back to an optimal brain health diet, you will be following nature’s guidelines that have served humanity for thousands of years. Proper nutrition is life!


There are so many food triggers, environmental triggers, viruses, molds, pesticides, leaky gut….we all have some amount of inflammation which is destroying our gut and destroying brain cells. With proper nutrition, exercise and lifestyle modifications, we can arrest inflammation at the root level and eradicate it for good!


Your cells and your internal organs are constantly in the process of metabolizing or conjugating chemicals and heavy metals, but sometimes these toxins can get stuck in our body in various tissues and organs, leading to chronic inflammation and cellular degeneration. Our step-by-step process helps to SAFELY enable your body’s natural detoxification pathways to be optimized, allowing for a graceful cleansing that won’t cause even further damage. Most detox protocols out there can be very dangerous as these toxins get released from their hiding places, but they do not fully get eliminated, leading to even more brain fog and fatigue, or even more inflammation. Detox the right way by supporting all of your metabolic systems and elimination pathways, while regulating the ANS for optimal health and wellness.


You cannot improve brain health, memory, focus and energy levels if the brain is not getting enough blood and oxygen. By carefully and gently improving cardiovascular health, you can cut the risk for neurovascular incidents, TIA (transient ischemic attacks), strokes and neurovascular dementia to a fraction of your current risk. Get the brain breathing again and you will wonder what sort of coma you have been in for the past few years. Blood and oxygen are key to your brain’s survival.


Thyroid and mitochondrial activity is a vital part of neuronal firing and signaling. If the cell nucleus cannot get enough ATP metabolic energy, then the production of neurotransmitters decline, as does the Na/K active transport mechanism, which helps to reset every neuron between firing. Support the mitochondria and thyroid and every cell in the entire body will work better.

Some Major Areas Of Concern:


Modern studies and clinical evidence has shown that the microorganisms living inside of our small intestine and colon play a much bigger role in our Cognitive health and ability to think clearly and have sharper memories than we previously estimated…

Herbs & Supplements

Certain plants and nutrients have been found to have amazing healing powers, and collectively the herbs and vitamins that provide the greatest benefit to  our brains and cognitive heath have been termed Nootropics.

Some of these have marvelous healing abilities, and you can see clear benefits to your thinking, focus, energy and concentration power.

However, when taken incorrectly or without a proper diet or gut health, there stands a chance that you could devastate your brain and adrenal health if these powerful medicinals are used improperly or without proper guidance from a health professional.

Adrenal Glands

Your adrenal glands sit on top of your kidneys in your mid to lower back, and provide the necessary stress hormones such as Cortisol, Aldosterone Epinephrine and Norepinephrine as well as DHEA, and Progesterone in women.

The HPA axis (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal) is fundamental to our ability to provide enough energy to our brains and nervous system to function properly.

Diet & Nutrition

Our brain, cells, pancreas, liver, intestines, colon and immune system  are all effected by the foods that we eat.

Certain macronutrients like starches, sugars, and polyunsaturated fatty acids like those found in Canola oil can have a very inflammatory effect on our bodies.

Too much starch and sugar will upset our microbial balance in our intestines, and leads to inflammation or even

‘Leaky Gut syndrome’

….a condition where the intestinal lining has become ultra-thin and too permeable to toxins and food particles.

Environmental Toxins

We now live in the 21st century modern paradigm of post-industrial pollution and toxicity overload.

We are all exposed to environmental pollutants like heavy metals such as Mercury, Arsenic, Aluminum, Cadmium, Barium, Lead, as well as many carcinogenic man-made chemicals such as weed-killers, Dioxins,  Bisphenol-A, Plastic additives, glues, adhesives, solvents, refinery emissions,….

And Fragranced Consumer Products such as:

  • laundry detergents
  • hand soaps
  • perfumes
  • hair products
  • nail polish

Synthetic hormones found in oral contraceptives, endocrine-disrupting chemicals such as Atrazine, Pthalates, and many other chemicals classified as Xeno-estrogens, which can all “bio-accumulate” inside our bodily organs, cells, brain, liver, kidneys, thyroid, and adipose tissues (fat cells).

pounds of Mercury released into the atmosphere each year.

unresearched and unregulated manmade chemicals sold in the marketplace.


of all people and newborns have dioxins in their blood.

What We Can Do for You

Book a time through our online scheduler, and fill out our application form to see if you meet our criteria. If you meet our guidelines, then we will sit down for 40 minutes on our Brain Accelerator Call to see what you are struggling with, and how you can take the next first steps towards achieving peak brain performance and optimal brain health for decades to come.

This is not for everyone, but for the right applicants, this call could be the ‘breakthrough moment’ that you have been looking for.

Don’t delay. We only work with a select group of individuals at one time and space is limited.

How It Works

Go to the Brain Accelerator Booking page, find an available time for your free 40 minute phone call, fill out the application and questionnaire, and then watch our Pre-Brain Accelerator Call prep-videos to help you make the most out of your phone call.

We will go over your current struggles with brain issues like poor memory, lack of focus, brain fog and low energy, and other signs of cognitive decline. With the insights that you give us through your online application and over the phone, we can determine if you are a right fit to work with our program.

Once you are accepted into our “Brain-and-Body-Recovery System” you will instantly have access to your first Module in the ‘Memory And Focus Formula’ program. This is a step-by-step blueprint that will help you to achieve the best healing recovery in the shortest amount of time. Since there are so many variables and factors to cognitive health, not all applicants will be accepted at this time.

However, if you do meet our criteria and we enroll you into our program, you will experienced accelerated results that only a multi-faceted and step-by-step protocol like our Memory and Focus Formula can help you to achieve.


Payment plans available

Flexible Payment Schedule To Match Your Financial Situation


  • We have effective programs set up as either 3 month, 10 months, and 2 year long programs.


  • Monthly payment plans help you to afford the care that you need.


  • Credit Card, Debit Card, or Paypal payment options.


  • 3 tiered programs ( Platinum Mind, Gold Mind, and Silver Mind program options).


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Alex Tuggle L.Ac.

Second Generation Acupuncturist and Functional Medicine Practitioner

Founder of Regenerative Brain Institute, LLC

Creator of the “Brain And Body Recovery System”

Alex Tuggle

The Brains behind the “Brain & Body Recovery System” 5-Step formula for achieving optimal brain health in 8 months or less is 2nd generation Acupuncturist and Functional Medicine practitioner, Alex Tuggle L.Ac.

Alex grew up receiving acupuncture, doing gut cleanses, and learning about holistic nutrition, diet and supplements while learning Qigong, Meditation and Tai chi at the age of 6.

His own personal health crisis catapulted him into a nightmare combination of serious cognitive health issues, ranging form Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and early onset Alzheimer’s disease, all brought on by sampling a few Nootropic brain supplements at a Brain Health Seminar in the San Francisco Bay Area in the Fall of 2017.

He now produces his own formulations and supplements, along with a precise system of brain health recovery that balances the many underlying factors to Cognitive decline, which Alex call the 12 Essentials to Brain Health.

Leaving no stone unturned, Alex’s healing system combats brain fog, poor memory, and declining mental performance by addressing the root causes, one by one, in a systematic path that truly repairs and restores all of the 12 Essentials to Brain Health for the ultimate brain recovery!


DR. Alex is amazing! He gave me my life back, and got me better! I had been battling adrenal fatigue from copper toxicity for 2 years. He truly healed me. He is an incredible healer! I had been to doctor after doctor over the years. I am just so happy I found him! Have faith, and trust in him. He will get you better if you follow what he says, and have patience.

—Keira henninger

Ultra runner, race director, mom



Common Questions

How long until I feel better?

Depending on your personal circumstances, your body will need to heal and regenerate at its own pace. There is no set time frame that we can realistically say when any individual will see a complete and full recovery. The results are dependent on your willingness to follow the step-by-step protocol, and adhere to the diet, lifestyle and implement the exercises and supplement protocols together to see optimal health benefits. Your body and mind will achieve more clarity as inflammation is reduced, immune triggers are eliminated, and your blood sugar and ANS is more regulated. All of these different metabolic and immune factors have to improve, so there is no set time, since we all heal at different rates for different reasons.

Are there any side effects?

Most people see only benefits with virtually no side effects, because of how this Memory and Focus Formula was set up to work in a sequence to help you resolve one layer of your health at one time, before moving forward to the next level. However, with any dietary changes and lifestyle changes, some people may notice temporary fatigue, bloating, abdominal pressures and bowel issues as toxins are being released via the liver, small intestine and colon. These are normal die-off reactions in your gut, and your body will be doing its very best to rid your body of these unwanted pathogens, toxins and heavy metals as quickly as possible, which will all take some energy, so get enough rest, follow the protocol, and trust the system as it works its magic!

How Do i go about signing up?

You must go through our Brain Accelerator Call procedure and fill out our application to see if you are a good match for this program. There are limited openings at any one time, so please book a time to speak over the phone, fill out the online questionnaire, and we will go from there.

What if I go through the whole program and I don't feel any better?

In our 10+ years of clinical experience, it is highly doubtful that if you go through this entire program you will feel no benefits at all. The fact is that this program addresses just about every single factor underlying your brain fog, low energy, difficulty focusing and memory issues. It doesn’t really leave anything out. Besides, it is done in a step-by-step manner so you don’t get overwhelmed by the process. If for some reason you don’t feel any better at the end of your set program, and you are part of our Gold or Platinum Mind membership, you will have lifetime access to this program and protocol, and I urge you all to go through the entire program again at your own pace. If you are a Silver Mind member, you will either need to upgrade, or sign up for the extended “Brain-and-Body Recovery System” to get ongoing support. Healing of this sort is transformational, down to the cellular and neuronal level, but not everyone achieves the same transformation in the same amount of time. Every program that we offer provides the same set of protocols and tools, just some are more extensive than others, based on your individual needs.

How is this program any different than other Brain health programs?

As you will see inside the Members area, we go in-depth into each and every topic and module so that everyone can understand exactly what we are doing and for what purpose. The entire program is designed and based on clinical experience, working with thousands of previous clients who suffered from severe mental breakdown, cognitive decline, brain fog, and exhaustion, and this system was born out of years of research and clinical experimentation. Every person is designed in a similar way and therefore we can put a variety of different people through this same step-by-step process and achieve very similar results. We will be covering the 12 Essential Components to Brain Health, which is by far the most comprehensive system that we have ever seen. And, yet it is broken down very simply into just 5 simple steps.

module 1



This comprehensive stage of the program engages your vital organs to start behaving properly by activating different areas of the brain stem, hippocampus, amygdala, and vagus nerve to allow for optimal digestion, healing and regeneration. This essential foundational step helps to restore your hormones, rewire your nervous system and target new and different neurotransmitter receptors, which allows for gut healing and better toxin elimination through improved gut motility and digestive organ function.




Fixing your diet and following our “Leaky Gut Brain Diet Cookbook” principles will help put you on the right path towards gut health, reversing autoimmunity and bringing down inflammation, while providing nutrient dense nutrition to your brain cells, mitochondria, and metabolic pathways. These dietary principles will give you optimal nutritional support for healthy blood sugar regulation, pancreas, liver, and small intestinal health, which will help to maintain your brain energy needs all day long without your blood sugar crashing.



A full-scale inventory and checklist of household items, personal products, and various things that need to be eliminated or reduced from your personal exposure. A deep gut cleanse, liver cleanse, and brain and body detoxification process will be performed to safely remove the toxins, viruses, parasites, and heavy metals that continue to trigger your immune system, keeping you stuck in a chronic inflammatory state..


How much is feeling run down and unmotivated costing you? How difficult is it to stay focused and clear-headed throughout the day? How would your life be better if you had all day mental clarity and mental stamina? What if you could achieve all these things in the next 6 months?

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