Heavy metals could be causing your brain fog and poor memory issues.

When heavy metals infiltrate our brain tissues, by crossing the ‘blood-brain-barrier’, these heavy metals can cling to many of our lipid-rich (fat-containing) brain cells such as astrocytes and glial cells, as well as many other lipid (fat) containing portions of our brain cells, leading to fatigue, brain fog, and difficulty thinking.

Many of us are completely unaware that we are coming into contact with toxic heavy metals.

However, most people are probably ingesting small particles of Mercury, Aluminum, Cadmium, Lead, Barium, Arsenic, as well as may other metals such as Manganese, Iron, Copper, Selenium, and Chromium which are both nutrients and vital minerals to our enzyme pathways, but can also become toxic if we ingest these in too high a quantity or in “elemental” or ionic forms, which is not the preferred bio-available form that our cells can actually utilize very easily.

Many heavy metals can be found in our drinking water, or in our farm soils which causes these heavy metals to get into our food supply, and then there is also our air quality, which can contain many parts per million of aluminum, mercury and other heavy metal particles in the air we breathe every day.

We don’t usually feel the effects of these toxic heavy metals right away.

Although, it can be quite apparent to us when our bodies get “overwhelmed” by these toxic heavy metals, after years and years of constant “bio-accumulation” in our soft tissues and cells of our liver, brain, kidneys, thyroid, pancreas and many other cellular tissues that act like “sponges” to hold onto these toxins so that they don’t keep circulating around and around in our bloodstream.

This is why you may not be able to find any high levels of these toxic heavy metals on any blood test.

These heavy metals will take the place of other nutrient minerals inside of our cells and tissues, so that they remain virtually hidden and invisible on any “blood test”.

Now, you may  want to try a “24 hour urine challenge test” where you are administered a chelation drug, like DMSA which will strongly pull the heavy metals out of your tissues, and carry these out to your Kidneys, where they may appear in your urine sample.

The problem with this approach is that many people are simply not healthy enough to risk the adverse effects of pulling out these toxic heavy metals from the brain tissues, liver, kidneys, etc. which can cause a worsening of brain inflammation, leading to even more brain damage to more of your brain cells, and worsen your brain fog or poor memory issues.

What I do recommend to my clients is a “Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis” HTMA which I have been utilizing in my practice for over 10 years, as a unique method of assessing your cellular metabolic systems, adrenal and thyroid functions, and therefore give me the most accurate depiction of your “Adrenal Stress Tolerance”.

What does all of this mean for your body’s ability to eliminate and detox heavy metals from your brain and cellular tissues?

Well, it can be a little complicated to explain, since there is a lot of biochemistry involved in how your cells operate and function.

Basically, if your “Adrenal Stress Tolerance” shows to be very low (which is apparent when your Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, and many other nutrient minerals are very low on the hair analysis results) then your cells are very nutrient deficient, and your Adrenal glands are unable to handle “high amounts of stress”.

You should be aware that any time you try any kind of invasive treatment modality on the body like chelation therapy, anti-viral therapy, antibiotic treatment, chemotherapy, or even regular colon-hydrotherapy and fasting could damage your endocrine health, which will devastate your adrenal glands’ ability to make Cortisol, Progesterone, DHEA, Testosterone, and Aldosterone.

Only this type of HTMA Hair Analysis, (when done by the proper laboratory that does not wash the hair sample and thereby washing away the Sodium and Potassium electrolytes from the hair sample) can give us this important information, which you should know about, BEFORE you attempt any heavy metal detox protocol, so that you and your practitioner know how to support your body and endocrine system to help your Liver and Mitochondria to work well enough to raise the production of your NATURAL chelation proteins, that your Liver organ makes naturally, such as GLUTATHIONE, METALLOTHIONEIN, FERRITIN, TRANSFERRIN, and CERULOPLASMIN for instance.

All of these proteins are manufactured inside your liver cells, or hepatocytes, and if there are too many toxic heavy metals built up inside your liver organ and brain tissues, they will rob your body of all of these natural “Chelation proteins” and then there will be very little of these precious “mineral transport proteins” and ANTIOXIDANTS left to help protect your cells from the ravages of other ROS’s (reactive oxygen species) which is another name for Free radicals that can donate electrons and free oxygen molecules, which will “oxidize” your cells, causing OXIDATIVE STRESS and LIPID PEROXIDATION ( aren’t these words fun?) that will essentially damage your cell membranes, and lead to brain cell destruction, liver cell destruction, intestinal lining cell destruction, skin cell destruction (where you can start to see the damaging effects on your tissues of heavy metals and other free radicals that are damaging your cell membranes), and so all of this adds up to cells being broken down…….

…….and also more INFLAMMATION, since your immune cells will get notified when your cells are breaking down, and then they will start “ATTACKING” more cells and tissues, just in case there is a foreign organism, bacteria or virus that is damaging your cells.

So, not only will these heavy metals cause cells to become oxidized and damaged and destroyed, they will also start to “DYSREGULATE” your immune system, causing your immune cells to create TOO MANY inflammation signals called CYTOKINES, and so you can get:

– Migraines

– Joint Pains

– Irritable Bowel Syndrome

– Liver Pain

– Eczema or skin eruptions

– Allergies

– Cold and flu like symptoms

– Brain Fog

– Poor memory

– Difficulty concentrating

– Nausea and vomiting

– Extreme fatigue

This is why you don’t want to just start “Chelating” heavy metals out of your brain or tissues unless you have a really good strategy to eliminate these heavy metals, and make sure they don’t just circle around and around, and infiltrate even more of your brain tissues and cardiovascular arterial walls, leading to swelling, constriction, and lower cerbro-vascular perfusion, which means blood and oxygen being able to get up to your brain.

Luckily for you and the whole world, my “MEMORY-AND-FOCUS FORMULA” has a special focus on eliminating toxic heavy metals from the brain, liver, gut, and everywhere else, and it is designed in such a way as to improve your cellular “anti-oxidant” status, as well as your Liver’s biliary output so that heavy metals get eliminated, not just recirculated.

That being said, any time you start to work on eliminating toxic heavy metals from your brain, you need to realize that this a PROCESS and any good practitioner knows that if you overwhelm your liver by chelating or “dumping” heavy metals out of your cells too quickly with things like NAC, ALA, or Zinc, your body will become even more toxic, and your Liver function will get even worse than it was before.

You need an expert strategy, along with the clinical wisdom of those who are experts at Hair Mineral Analysis interpretation and Adrenal Stress Tolerance markers to ensure that your heavy metal detox journey is nothing but beneficial, and not the WORST decision you ever made!


I hope that helps to keep things in perspective, as you shop around for Natural healing solutions to your brain fog and poor memory issues.


Removing toxic heavy metals is certainly worth it. When you have mental clarity, lasting energy, focus and concentration, your life comes alive, and you realize you have been living in a “half-sleep” state all of these years.

Don’t put off getting your brain health back from the destructive forces of toxic heavy metals and the like. Let’s get started today!

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