Brain – Gut – Nervous System – Hormones – Nutrition – Inflammation  

Our premier flagship 8-month done-for-you coaching program, complete with personalized hair mineral and urine lab-testing, weekly implementation calls, private facebook group, and concierge style individualized diet and supplement protocols. I will hold your hand and walk you step-by-step through the 5-Step ‘Memory And Focus Formula’ which arrests all of the underlying causes of mental fatigue, poor memory, and crippling brain fog.

Get the quickest results in the shortest amount of time with the “Vagus Nerve Reset Formula”, step by step process for taking back control of your mind and nervous system to help repair your gut, improve your digestion, restore your hormones and have better control of your emotional brain and stress response

Get your gut and brain back to optimal function for better memory, mental clarity, focus and concentration. By focusing on the 3 major parts to the Brain-Gut-Axis, you will be guided through an 8 phase treatment strategy that will clear your gut of pathogens, get you on a Gut Brain Power Diet, and heal Leaky Gut and Leaky brain once and for all.

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