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Common Questions

What Services Does Regenerative Brain Institute Provide?
We offer a comprehensive suite of health services to help our clients improve their mental health and cognitive functions, through dietary counseling, Lab-testing, Nutritional supplements, and our “Brain And Body Recovery System” 8-month Coaching program that helps high performance individuals to reach their peak performance goals in the shortest amount of time. Set up a free consultation to find out more!
What Are the Costs To Work WIth Regenerative Brain Institute?
We offer multiple tiers of products and service to help accommodate different budgets and health goals of our many diverse clients. In order to see which payment plan or health program that works best for you and financial situation, please contact us directly for more details.
Can I Get a Refund?
If within the first 30 days, you feel like the results you are getting are not what you were expecting, you can request a full refund, minus the costs of any lab tests or opened products, and your account will be terminated and no other charges will be made to your account. You will also lose your access to the entire Online Portal and training videos, as these are made available only to current clients, and also to past clients who have already made all of their payments, who now get a lifetime access to all of the trainings, along with any updates and added content that gets updated to our online client portal.
What Should I expect during the 8 Month program?
Your body and nervous system will go through many changes while you go through each stage of this 5 Part Program, beginning with improving your sleep rhythm and reducing stress and nervous tension. Each stage of this program is designed in a linear format to build on the progress made by the preceding stage of treatment, and so as you go through each stage, you will given different supplements, diet, exercises, and self care practices that all work synergistically to help you achieve balance in your mind and body, as well as less inflammation as your Gut, Brain and Liver are cleansed of toxins, pathogens, and undigested food matter that can get stuck in your gut and intestines, and colon. You should experience more mental clarity as you progress, however there may be times when your symptoms do get worse as these are called “herxheimer” reactions, or “healing crises” which are temporary bouts of inflammation and exhaustion which actually allows your body and brain to heal even deeper and more effectively at the cellular level.
Is Everything Included Or Do I have TO Buy Extra Products?
As a platinum member of the Brain And Body Recovery System, you will get all of the lab-testing, private monthly consultations, weekly group calls, all health products, and all video training, along with 24/7 access to our Private Facebook group to get all of your questions answered in lightning speed, so that you never falter or are confused, for the monthly charge. For lower tier members, you will have to pay for each extra product or service, and extra consultations that are not included with your membership plan.
Are There Group Discounts?
As an advocate of our program and services, you can enjoy a 15% discount on the entire cost of your program for each referral that you make to the Regenerative Brain Institute, LLC. We strive to give our best possible services and products and we maintain integrity and professionalism to the highest degree so that you can feel safe both being a client of ours, as well as recommending us to your friends, family or colleagues. If you refer 3 or more New Clients to our program, all 4 of you can also receive a 20% discount off the total cost of your membership plan!

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Brain & Body Recovery System

You can’t really get the results that you need to perform at higher levels, unless you truly work on the whole body, and brain functions as one system. This includes your gut health, adrenal health, thyroid, immune system, diet, nutrition, and many other processes that we can optimize and improve, by following our 5-Step process which includes individualized Lab-testing, 1-1 consultations and Weekly Implementation Calls that keep you accountable and on track to getting the very best brain and mental health you could ever hope to achieve in the same amount of time. This system is unique in that it wholly addresses ALL of the 12 Brain Essentials, which are the Fundamentals to Brain health and longevity! Click here to Find Out More!