There is a clear message

Every day it seems like we are getting a consistent message from all different directions. And the message is….Testosterone is bad!

Maybe the news and media articles aren’t saying that exactly or forthright, but the end game of what their message is, keeps telling us subconsciously…testosterone is the enemy.


How Are they Telling Us Testosterone is Bad?

Since they can’t come right out and tell us that testosterone is bad, they do it in a more secretive and subtle (or not so subtle) manner.

First off, there seems to be huge number of progressives and liberal leaning individuals who are of the belief that “All Men Are Bad”, or just not as good as women.

And in many cases…this can be true.

Men have acted like imbeciles and many of these creeps should be locked up, like Harvey Weinstein and company.

This type of abuse of power and corruption….well it corrupts our whole way of looking at the world.

There are creeps and abusive men, who probably should have their testosterone taken away, since they are predatory and dangerous criminals.

But what about the rest of us?….the majority of Men.

Should we be criticized and demonized and associated with these criminals and creeps?

I am all in support of men taking responsibility for their feelings and doing self work to become more caring and respectful of women and children and the environment and wildlife, etc.

These are all hugely important things that I have dedicated decades of my time and research investigating how humans are impacting the environment and wildlife habitat, and how men need to act responsibly and show the world that we do care about about all of these social issues surrounding environmentalism and wildlife habitat preservation.

It is in our best interest to have a thriving ecosystem of plants, animals, birds, fish and soil fugi and bacteria all living and working together organically to help build soil, plant and animal fertility, because that all goes up the food chain.

The healthier what we eat, eats…then the healthier and more nutritious our food inevitably will become.


When Good Environmentalism goes BAD!

There is a NEW brand of Environmentalism that is completely distorting our view on nature and how we as humans need to protect the environment and sustain the planet for future generations to come.

And I call it the ‘VEGAN movement.

According to these “experts” on sustainability, eating meat is destroying the planet.

And when you watch documentaries like ‘Food Inc.’ and ‘What the Health’, you instantly can see that there is a HUGE problem with the way CONVENTIONAL FARMS are raising animals, housing, feeding and injecting them full of antibiotics and growth hormones, while forcing them to live in their own excrement, without access to natural grazing pasture, and cramming as many animals into one small space, causing diseases to spread from animal to the next uncontrollably.

It is quite the mess!

So if I just convince you of one thing….PLEASE STOP EATING “CONVENTIONALLY RAISED” Meat and animal products…..”It’s just GROSS!!”.


Beyond Meat is Beyond Stupid

However, just switching to an ALL Plant-Based Diet is just not a good answer to the problems we have with the Industrial farming practices.

Eating fake meat made from soy and wheat gluten and beans and legumes, are all foods that have been found to have a highly estrogenic effect on the body, and therefore, has been shown to reduce testosterone levels in men and women alike.



Your addiction to coffee and energy drinks will actually cause a collapse in your sex hormones like Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA, Pregnenolone, and Estrogens which can all contribute to even more brain fatigue and difficulty focusing or remembering all of things you need to get done.

This is because you need these Sex hormones for your brain receptors to work.

  • Without Testosterone, Dopamine receptors stop working.
  • Without Progesterone, GABA doesn’t work.
  • And Without Estrogen, Serotonin receptors stop working.

Taking brain stimulants like caffeine will just continue to rob you of your precious hormones that your brain relies on to work properly.

In order to reverse this trend, we need to start restoring these hormones through proper lifestyle and targeted Nutritional and Herbal supplement therapy.

Not Hormone Replacement Therapy!!

HRT replaces your hormones with synthetic or bio-identical hormones, which essentially tells your own endocrine system to stop producing these hormones.

This is because the Hypothalamus in the brain is alway monitoring your hormone levels in your blood, and then signaling to your Pituitary gland whether you need to make more of these hormones or not.

If you take these hormones from HRT hormone replacement therapy, you are literally shutting off your body’s own production of these hormones, and this can lead to even more hormonal imbalances that can cause even more problems in your Liver and could even lead to things like cancer of the prostate, uterine cancer, breast cancer, or even brain cancer as many tumors are hormone dependent.

This is why you need a healthy and well functioning liver to help metabolize and clear out “toxic hormones” and hormonal metabolites so that these hormones don’t build up in your fatty tissues or sexual organs, etc.

We can repair your hormones naturally with my 5-Step System as it resolves the underlying cause of declining hormones which is poor sleep patterns, high amounts of stress, and poor diet, while also activating important neural pathways that will turn on your proper endocrine system for optimal brain and hormone activity.

This can be tracked using lab tests such as the HTMA Hair Mineral Analysis test, which looks at the important electrolyte minerals in the hair over a 2 month period of time.

If your Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium levels are all on the low side in a properly tested Hair Mineral Analysis, your body and endocrine system are in a chronic state of exhaustion and requires a targeted nutrient and herbal support formula along with lots of rest for you to recover your hormones naturally.

It is vitally important that you get your endocrine system and your “Stress Tolerance” tested using the Hair Mineral Analysis test, otherwise you might start taking supplements and herbs that could really wreak havoc on your hormones, nervous system, and damage your gut and brain health even more!

Hair Mineral Analysis Testing can help you to find the root cause of your declining brain function and fatigue by addressing the nervous system, endocrine system, nutrient deficiencies, blood sugar and toxic heavy metals all in one test.

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