Brain detoxification is an important topic of discussion and a concept we will need to adopt and become aware of if we are talking about ways to improve mental focus, mental energy, memory and cognitive health as a whole.

You see, many of us are aware of the need to detox our Liver and detoxing the Gut and Colon detoxification all makes sense, since that is where toxins tend to accumulate and cause problems and inflammation.

However, due to the ever increasing levels of Neurotoxins, along with the effects of commonly used plastic softeners like BPA (bisphenol-A) people’s brains all around the world are becoming more susceptible to toxins leaking into the brain and being deposited into highly sensitive neuronal tissues inside the brain.


3 Simple Steps for Brain Detoxification

These 3 steps are what I call the 3 Essentials that you need to begin the process of detoxing your brain.

There are many other processes and supplements that you can take, but let’s begin with these 3 so that you can really make some of the biggest impact in your brain health.



Your brain is connected via the brain stem and Vagus nerve to your “Gut/Brain” also called your Enteric Nervous system.

When you eat too many refined sugars and carbohydrates, you actually start to feed toxic and unwanted pathogens like Candida albicans and Clostridium sp. of bacteria, among many other components of your gut’s microbiome that we refer to as SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).

Eating too much sugar is like pouring fertilizer on these noxious weeds that grow out of control in your gut, and actually start to produce neurotoxins that can leak into your bloodstream and into your brain.

These harmful chemicals, originating in your gut, can lead to brain fog, poor memory, and even neurological conditions like Multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

This is because these harmful gut toxins can travel up to your brain, and activate your brain’s immune system.

Your brain’s immune system will then produce cytokines which will cause inflammation and brain damage as your literal brain cells get destroyed by your immune system’s reaction to these dangerous neurotoxins,

…..which are originating in your gut.

If you have a poor diet or have an unhealthy gut microbiome (all of the microorganisms, bacteria, yeasts, and parasites that live inside your digestive tract) this can cause difficulty thinking, poor focus, inability to concentrate and brain fog, causing you to reach for things like coffee or other caffeinated beverages to give your brain a boost.

The problem with caffeine and other stimulants is that they actually damage your gut even more, by switching your nervous system over to the Sympathetic branch of the ANS (autonomic nervous system) called the “fight-or-flight” stress mode.


You actually want to relax the ANS nervous system to both help bring down inflammation, and also to help your Vagus nerve to support your Liver, Gallbladder and Colon motility that helps your body to eliminate various toxins and pathogenic waste products from the blood and intestines.



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BRAIN DETOXIFICATION requires certain compounds that work to “chelate” and bind to toxins, poisons, chemicals and heavy metals.

The main compound that helps to protect your brain and neurons from the damaging effects of toxins and Oxidative stress is a protein known as ‘GLUTA-THIONE’, (pronounced: gloo-tuh-thigh-own).

Gluta…because it contains Glutamine.

And ‘Thione’ because it is a “Sulfur-containing protein”.

‘Thio’ is Latin for Sulfur and in chemistry, thiols are the branches of amino acids which contain Sulfur.

Amino acids like Cysteine, Methionine and Taurine.

The foods with the highest amounts of Cysteine and Methionine are

  • Pasture raised Eggs

  • Chicken Liver

  • Chicken

  • Broccoli

  • Cabbage

  • Brussel Sprouts

  • Cauliflower

  • Asparagus

Getting enough of these foods in your diet is absolutely critical to improving your Brain detoxification pathways, such as the pathways that help to increase Glutathione levels in the brain.

Many supplements and herbs can also help to improve Glutathione levels and you can read more about those here.  Liver Herbs and Supplements


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Why You Might Want To Get A Hair Mineral Analysis to Help You Detox Your Brain

Hair Mineral Analysis testing helps us see into your cells and look at your tissue chemistry, which is different than looking at blood tests.

First of all, it is the tissues, like your hair strands, that actually “store” minerals and heavy metals, and therefore blood tests can miss many signs of Heavy metal toxicity, as well as the nutrient mineral levels that may look normal on your blood test, but actually very deficient in your cells and tissues.

This is due to the fact that your blood nutrient levels must be maintained within very narrow parameters, and so your body rarely allows certain nutrients or heavy metals to be either too high or too low in the blood.

By looking at the Hair Mineral Analysis Test, we are getting 2 months of tissue growth, which means we can see all of the minerals and heavy metals that have been deposited into your hair strands, over a 2 month time, rather than the snapshot, of the mere instant that your blood was drawn.


Hair Mineral Analysis Testing can help you to identify the multiple factors that could all be causing your brain fog and low energy, instead of only finding just one little factor.

With this one test, we can accurately assess your hormones, Adrenal health, electrolyte levels, blood sugar handling, stress pattern, cellular metabolic rate, and heavy metal toxicity, all in one simple test.


You need to be trained and an expert in interpreting the test results and use the correct lab to do the HTMA hair analysis testing, otherwise your results could be very misleading and could lead to the incorrect treatment, which could make you very sick.

With the practitioner, however, the Hair Mineral Analysis test could be the missing piece of diagnostic information that could help you finally overcome your chronic battle with low energy, brain fog, and so much more.


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When your body is bombarded by plastic derived chemicals all day, everyday, so many of these plastic derived chemicals can get into our bloodstream and actually end up in our brain tissues, and cells called “Glial” cells.

These glial cells, also known as astrocytes, help make up our Blood-Brain-Barrier, which is the entry point for all substances trying to make its way up to the brain, such as vitamins, iron, minerals and amino acids.

Now, usually whole proteins are not allowed to get through the Blood-Brain-Barrier, but when too many plastic products containing softeners and conditioners like BPA (Bisphenol-A) and Pthalates (pronounced thay-lates), well these chemicals stick to these lipid soluble Glial cell, and cause the spaces between these Glial cells to open, so that all sorts of whole proteins and larger molecules can start to enter the brain.

This creates absolute MAYHEM!! inside your brain.

When all sorts of proteins can get into the brain, then so can single celled organisms like bacteria and mycoplasmas and mold spores, which can all infiltrate your brain (along with heavy metals and other chemicals like Dioxins and Herbicides like Glyphosate) and activate your BRAIN’s Immune system, which will create Brain Inflammation and tissue damage, leading to symptoms like poor memory, poor word recall, and brain fog.

Plastic products will leach these chemicals into your water, soda, and even the liner of canned foods, which can be highly acidic can leach these brain damaging chemicals into your food and water.

So, your brain is just constantly ingesting these tiny plastic chemicals, day after day, and your Blood-Brain-Barrier is just getting weaker and weaker, and your brain is getting more and more inflamed.


.….Another issue with all of these Plastic chemicals is that many of them exert an “Estrogen-mimicking” effect on your target cells and tissues, which means that these chemicals can increase the growth and size of estrogen-dependent tumors, such as Breast cancer, Uterine Cancer, Fibroids, Cyst formation, and can even lead to excess water retention and therefore an increased risk for High Blood pressure, clots and strokes could all develop from the estrogen-mimicking effects of these Plastic chemicals that are getting leached into your water and food.


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