How To Detox Environmental Toxins Of The Body

The world as we know it is no longer the pristine and natural oasis Shangri La that it once was.

We have entered the Post-Industrial toxic wasteland that is the 21st Century.

This environmental catastrophe has spread to every corner of the planet, and there is not one single person alive who’s body is not harboring some amount of man-made industrial toxin or waste product.

Environmental toxins can be emissions from metal-smelting factories, coal-burning power plants, agricultural pesticide and herbicide runoff into our rivers, streams, lakes, oceans, and subterranean groundwater aquifers are now being polluted by industrial ag chemicals, birth control pills, and many other environmental poisons known collectively as Xeno-estrogens, since many of these chemicals have estrogen-mimicking behaviors inside of our bodies.

How do you stay on top of it all, and keep your body heathy and clean?

How do we continue to live on this planet when all of our food, water, air and personal care products are full of toxic chemicals, pollutants and toxic heavy metals that do not break down, but instead bio-accumulate inside of our Liver, Brain, Lymphatic tissues, connective tissues, endocrine glands, and Kidneys, and everywhere else in our body, and leads to constant inflammatory signals that create tissue damage, and cellular degeneration that can lead to cancer, fibromyalgia, dementia, IBS, and many other chronic health conditions that can effect every target organ in the body, including the brain?

5 Steps to Detox Heavy metals and Toxic Environmental Chemicals

If you follow the 5 Step process that I am going to show you right now, you will be able to support your cellular detoxification pathways, as well as reduce cellular inflammation, and aid the Liver and Kidneys in processing, binding and eliminating these poisons once and for all from our bodies, so that we can enjoy having more mental clarity, less brain fog, a more robust immune system, and a more balanced mind and nervous system, meaning we won’t feel so agitated, nervous, disorganized, or depressed once these toxins and heavy metals have been eliminated.

By organizing your protocol into these 5 Steps, you are working with your body’s natural healing process which will optimize your hormones, bring balance to your nervous system, eradicate inflammatory food triggers and environmental toxins that all lead to brain fog and fatigue, and also provide your cellular metabolic pathways with the exact nutrients your brain cells need to function and work better for longer hours, without taxing your brain’s resources.


You Need To Heal Your Gut to Have Increased Energy and Mental Focus.

Your brain is connected via the brain stem and Vagus nerve to your “Gut/Brain” also called your Enteric Nervous system.

Over 4 X as many Brain chemicals called Neurotransmitters are made inside your gut neurons (nerve cells) than are actually made inside your brain.

This means that your brain relies on your gut for manufacturing of important chemical messengers that give your brain the ability to think, formulate ideas and have the power to respond to and accomplish all of your daily tasks.

If you have a poor diet or have an unhealthy gut microbiome (all of the microorganisms, bacteria, yeasts, and parasites that live inside your digestive tract) this can cause difficulty thinking, poor focus, inability to concentrate and brain fog, causing you to reach for things like coffee or other caffeinated beverages to give your brain a boost.

The problem with caffeine and other stimulants is that they actually damage your gut even more, by switching your nervous system over to the Sympathetic branch of the ANS (autonomic nervous system) called the “fight-or-flight” stress mode.



Your addiction to coffee and energy drinks will actually cause a collapse in your sex hormones like Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA, Pregnenolone, and Estrogens which can all contribute to even more brain fatigue and difficulty focusing or remembering all of things you need to get done.

This is because you need these Sex hormones for your brain receptors to work.

  • Without Testosterone, Dopamine receptors stop working.
  • Without Progesterone, GABA doesn’t work.
  • And Without Estrogen, Serotonin receptors stop working.

Taking brain stimulants like caffeine will just continue to rob you of your precious hormones that your brain relies on to work properly.

In order to reverse this trend, we need to start restoring these hormones through proper lifestyle and targeted Nutritional and Herbal supplement therapy.

Not Hormone Replacement Therapy!!

HRT replaces your hormones with synthetic or bio-identical hormones, which essentially tells your own endocrine system to stop producing these hormones.

This is because the Hypothalamus in the brain is alway monitoring your hormone levels in your blood, and then signaling to your Pituitary gland whether you need to make more of these hormones or not.

If you take these hormones from HRT hormone replacement therapy, you are literally shutting off your body’s own production of these hormones, and this can lead to even more hormonal imbalances that can cause even more problems in your Liver and could even lead to things like cancer of the prostate, uterine cancer, breast cancer, or even brain cancer as many tumors are hormone dependent.

This is why you need a healthy and well functioning liver to help metabolize and clear out “toxic hormones” and hormonal metabolites so that these hormones don’t build up in your fatty tissues or sexual organs, etc.

We can repair your hormones naturally with my 5-Step System as it resolves the underlying cause of declining hormones which is poor sleep patterns, high amounts of stress, and poor diet, while also activating important neural pathways that will turn on your proper endocrine system for optimal brain and hormone activity.

This can be tracked using lab tests such as the HTMA Hair Mineral Analysis test, which looks at the important electrolyte minerals in the hair over a 2 month period of time.

If your Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium levels are all on the low side in a properly tested Hair Mineral Analysis, your body and endocrine system are in a chronic state of exhaustion and requires a targeted nutrient and herbal support formula along with lots of rest for you to recover your hormones naturally.

It is vitally important that you get your endocrine system and your “Stress Tolerance” tested using the Hair Mineral Analysis test, otherwise you might start taking supplements and herbs that could really wreak havoc on your hormones, nervous system, and damage your gut and brain health even more!

Hair Mineral Analysis Testing can help you to find the root cause of your declining brain function and fatigue by addressing the nervous system, endocrine system, nutrient deficiencies, blood sugar and toxic heavy metals all in one test.

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