Stress, Hormones, and Mental Decline…


Many professionals know that it can be hard to keep up with modern society’s demanding long hours and self sacrifice in order to get ahead and create financial security and abundance.

You work and work, day after day, grinding and grinding, making it happen.

But your mental speed begins to slow down. Your energy begins to plummet.

Now you’re having to go back to the coffee room or cafe, and get another shot of stimulating caffeine explosions to pick your energy up again.

What does this all mean to your nervous system, and your adrenal glands, and your hormones?

Well, your nervous system can get stuck in “fight-or-flight” which can cause anxiety, insomnia or panic attacks.

Because of this constant stress and work, your cells can also begin to slow down as well, meaning your brain cells just don’t fire like they used to.

What was that word?….Awe never mind….it happens all the time.

My adrenal glands?

Well as long as they are still kicking and making my Cortisol and Adrenaline, I’m doing just fine.

But wait, did you know that Cortisol is made out of Progesterone, which means that stress is basically stealing all of your sex hormones like Testosterone, Progesterone and Estrogen which not only effects fertility and women’s health, but will also decrease your brain receptors from working properly.

It turns out, you need those other hormones for your brain to function properly.


Without adequate levels of Testosterone, all of your Dopamine receptors stop working.


Could this mean that Parkinson’s Disease could be related to low Testosterone levels?


Or, did you know that GABA (gamma-amino butyric acid), which is the main “OFF” switch in the brain, only works if you have adequate amounts of Progesterone?


So are you telling me, maybe all of those stimulants and coffee (which make me feel alive again) and are telling my Adrenal glands to make Cortisol…out of Progesterone….and leading to low Testosterone levels, could be causing problems for my future brain (or current brain)?.

Maybe, I could do some work on this.

What is the next step?

Well if you feel like you can understand how your endocrine system (hormones) can effect your brain and nervous system (receptors), and you can also see how stress, which raises adrenaline and cortisol production is effecting your hormones….and therefore your brain receptors….

Then maybe you can see how you are engineering your mental state to be wired for stress…and fatigue.

As your progesterone levels decline due to Cortisol production….your GABA receptors won’t work as well.

Without GABA receptors working properly, your nervous system can remain stuck in the Sympathetic branch of the nervous system, which keeps you stuck in the “fight-or-flight” mode.

By being stuck in the Sympathetic branch of your ANS (autonomic nervous system), your Para-sympathetic nervous system stops working, and therefore your digestion and assimilation of nutrients from your food declines, at the same time that you Liver and Kidneys have a harder time expelling and eliminating toxins, chemicals and heavy metals, since those functions are also part of the Para-sympathetic nervous system.

Huh, I guess we really do have to sleep…

Now, these inter-neural and metabolic connections become easier and easier to understand, the more you pay attention to what is really happening inside your body.

You know that tension in your jaws, your scalp, your shoulders, your abdomen….those are all signs that your nervous system is kind of stuck…in the “Fight-or-flight” stress mode.

And…you kind of want to do something about that….before all of those things I just explained…you know….gets any worse.

You want to heal Leaky Gut syndrome?

You need hormones.

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