When your gut becomes a host to thousands of different strains of bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses, and parasites, we need to begin being concerned about your “Microbiome”.

The term ‘Microbiome’ simply refers to every organism that our bodies have become host to, such as Candida albicans, Escherichia coli, or Clostridium botulin which is considered a pathogenic bacteria strain that lives inside of our small intestines and colon.

However, there are many different strains of beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus sp. and Bifidobacterium species which help us to digest carbohydrates, fibers, proteins and aid in the enzymatic breakdown of toxic chemicals and neurotoxins that can enter our bloodstream via the intestinal lining and lead to chronic inflammation all over our bodies, including our brain.

Without a “healthy microbiome” our brains and bodies become host to the wrong organisms, and toxins and waste products of these organisms can overwhelm our Liver’s capacity to bind up and neutralize these neurotoxins, and so our literal brains can become poisoned by the toxic by-products of unwanted bacteria, stealth organisms, parasites, and Candida that can all thrive inside of our intestines, colon, oral cavity, as well as other mucous membranes found all throughout our body, most notably our sinus cavities, lymph nodes, connective tissues, vagina and genitals.

Without the correct dietary practices or the correct medicine, along with our constant exposure to surfaces such as toilet seats in public restrooms, door handles, and even anywhere that we handle animal feces, or have exposure to insects such as ticks, spiders, mosquitoes, and rodent or bird excrement, or farm animals such as horses, livestock, and even family pets such as birds, cats, dogs, and lizards…these can all act as vectors for bacteria and fungal spores to go from our hands, to our eyes, to our food which we eat, and voila….

….lots of things can get into our gut and live there comfortably for years and years.

Now, we actually want a diverse microbiome, which means as long as we have a robust colony of beneficial organisms and our immune system is fairly healthy, than we can tolerate the presence of many different types of pathogens living inside our gut.

In fact there is always going to be a healthy mix of beneficial organisms or probiotics, and pathogenic organisms, which will also help our immune system to adapt to our environments, and learn how to create new antibodies and cytokines for dealing with these viruses, bacteria, or parasitic organisms.

A complete lack of exposure would result in a very weakened immune system which would not be able to tolerate any amount of bacterial or viral exposure, and we would certainly die as a result.


However, too much exposure to pathogens and influenza can all cause us to become seriously ill, and our immune system can actually be “turned off” by certain parasitic organisms such as Mycoplasmas and Toxoplasmosis Gondii.

We actually need to take this subject of our Microbiome very seriously, since many of these pathogens can literally travel through our gut lining or colon membranes, up through the blood and cross our blood-brain-barrier and literally infect and live inside of our brain tissues, which is a common consequence of Borrelia burgdorferri sp. and other stealth pathogens that lead to Lyme disease, which is a stealth pathogen that you are not always able to find in a blood test, since it can live inside of your cells and consume all of your cellular nutrients and mitochondrial energy production, literally sucking the life out of your cells.


Many of these bad guys that live inside of your gut will house themselves inside of layers of mucus-like colonies referred to as biofilms, which can generally make them all but anti-biotic resistant, and rather these antibiotics will just devastate any of your beneficial gut flora, and as a result just make your microbiome issues even worse.

Let me recommend that we turn to Ancient medicine such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda which are systems of healing that have been around for thousands of years and have helped mankind survive plagues and epidemics for generations.

These systems of medicine have at their disposal a literal arsenal of plant medicines that can selectively target and execute many different types of virulent microbes, parasites, Candida, and stealth pathogens that evade even modern antibiotics, which are unable to penetrate the powerful bio-films that build up inside of our guts, sinus cavities, and even muscles and blood vessels can harbor these biofilms where these organisms can live for years.

Another source for anti-microbials are the powerful agents found in plants known as essential oils, as many of these are equally potent at destroying single-celled organisms and viruses quickly and efficiently, and if one was to promote the correct diet, and synergy of prebiotics such as healthy fibers, fats, starches, and polyphenols and flavonoids into the diet, you would have the exact formula for eliminating the target pathogens, supporting and helping to regulate your immune systems detection and production of helpful agents such as cytokines that help to kill off pathogens, and also support the good and beneficial bacteria and yeasts that support our brain health and balanced microbiome, and we will help to reverse cognitive decline and neuro-degeneration at its root….the gut.

I have personally been through such a journey, in utilizing both plant medicines from all traditions, aromatherapy, diet, and immune support protocols, and I can tell you, it was difficult at times, but getting my microbiome back to a healthy state has been the best decision I have ever made, and my healthy brain owes its improved performance and ability to memorize and verbalize all of these ideas to my healthy microbiome.